Delaney's People & Don't Shoot Your Mule

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"Beth Duke's works are as real as grits and gravy in The South, and her usage of her Southern English has the taste of Mama's biscuits."

-Randy Owen
Grammy-winning songwriter and lead singer of Alabama

"Every scene, every character in this wonderfully colorful depiction of Dixie evokes both the vulnerable and gritty parts of a people and region. Beth Duke's DELANEY'S PEOPLE weaves together strands of the past and present as seamless as pearls, treating her readers to a collection chock full of loving detail, big-hearted humor and tender insight."
-Kimberly Brock, author of The River Witch

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“There are diamonds in the red clay of northeast Alabama. Delaney is one of them.”

This award-winning debut presents us with over two hundred and fifty years of love, loss, shame, secrets, sacrifice, joy, and biting humor in twenty-one beautifully crafted tales of young Delaney Robinson's family. Spanning Mary Kathleen's heroic struggles to save her husband and sons from Ireland's 19th century potato famine to young Delaney's own parents' lives in modern Alabama, the characters are vivid and extraordinarily familiar, resonating with readers long after the final page is turned.

DELANEY'S PEOPLE is an intricate story told through a unique, intimate medium in which each family member becomes as real as your own, narrating in his or her own voice. At the heart of this book lies the truth: each of us tell our version of history a little bit differently.

Delaney's People: A Novel in Small Stories